Friday, October 9, 2009

Updating Dull Doors

Knock Knock! Who’s there? ….

Alright, I’m not going to preach on staging by telling you that people buy on emotion, or that buyers like move in ready homes. I’m not even going to tell you that first impressions count when it comes time to sell.

Let’s assume that in the existing economy money is too tight to make the “ideal improvements” needed to sell a home. What’s a seller to do, in this case with the front door? Let me explain:

Remove the lock set and surface hardware. Leave the door hanging and protect the ground beneath with drop cloths. Otherwise, if the hinges are corroded or covered with paint, remove the door and either replace the hinges or soak them in paint stripper then polish.

If you have purchased a new lock set and the holes do not match the new lock set purchased, the old hole may show. You have to 'build back' wood into the off-center holes. One method is to use toothpicks and carpenter glue.

Check for cracks, other indentations or holes that will not match up to new hardware, and fill with vinyl spackling compound. Refinish the door by sanding or stripping any peeling paint and sand the entire surface. Apply a couple coats of primer, making sure it is compatible with both latex and oil-base topcoats. (This can be tinted to match the topcoat, for ease of coverage).

Remember when painting to brush in the direction of the door's wood grain. When working with a flat door, apply paint with a fine enamel roller, and then use a brush to stroke paint into the surface.

Make sure to use long, vertical strokes and brush toward the middle of the door. If you have a panel door, apply paint in this order: first to the panel moldings, then to the panels, the horizontal rails, and finally to the vertical stiles.

When paint is dry, dress up your front door with "jewelry"; new hardware, knocker and kick plate can update the look of an old door.

Flank the door with 5’ Cedar Spiral Trees as an ultimate expression of artistic horticulture. It will enhance a door, a porch, or a deck (and it’s perfect for both indoors and out), the gentle curves of the lush green leaves will be a to captivating welcome to guests.

This design depicts dolphins and garlands of flowers framed between barley twist columns.  How peaceful when guests come to visit when they hear the sound of water at your front door.

The easiest and prettiest way to add water to your front door is by adding a wall fountain. All that's needed is an electric power plumbing required. Easy to hang, no industrial fitting needed. Pump included.

Redesign your home on a dime with the lovely wall fountain or topiary.  Home Accents from Burke Decor.

Let us not forget the house numbers, or there won't be pizza at your palace.  House numbers along with doors become dated over time.  By updating your house numbers you add elegant style to the entry way.  Brass is out, stainless is in.  The House Numbers were designed by Ginger Finley and feature solid stainless steel.

What about the doorbell as long as we are fixing things.   This doorbell features a soft polymer resin button and anodized aluminum. It has incorporated LED illumination, a light source that consumes very low power and offers a much longer service life than any other light source. The easy-to-install De-Light Doorbell Button works with most existing and new doorbell systems and surface mounts without any visible screws. for contemporary lighting, modern fans, and home accessories.  You should see the great mailboxes, contemporary lighting in addition to the house numbers and doorbells.  This was just a sampling for some pretty cool updates.  Well, now we all have something to do this weekend.  Ciao!


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