Thursday, October 8, 2009

Curb Appeal For A Raised Ranch

Well the flu hit home, but we are now all well and back in the saddle again.

It is time to put your house on the market. Now what do you do? As a Real Estate Agent or home seller, you have to better understand human nature, the "hot buttons" that make buyers respond in a given way to make your home irresistible.

You may or may not have heard me say it, so it goes without saying that I'm probably going to say it again, "people buy on emotion". Here is what buyers are saying in their heads when they view this house in the on line marketing.
"Could it get any more plain then this? Are those junipers, might be easy to take care of but they sure do date a house, not to mention that cat smell they give off, how much will it cost to remove them? Nice lawn, it's a bit boring, I wonder how much it will cost to landscape and put in some undulating flower beds along the drive, to encourage a friendly feeling. It's so ho hum, downright boring, I wonder how much time it will take me to paint the door and trim a contrasting color? I wish it had some pizzazz, style and personality. A nice covered entry would break up the flat appearance a little bit. If it looks like this on the outside what is it going to look like on the inside, forget it let's look at another house". Delete!


Here is a darling little gem of a home, mature trees will add shade in the summer, covered porch will protect you from the rain, the gravel was probaly added to cut down on water costs and would have been better put to use by addeing colorful flowers and shrubs to soften the hard lines of the bowling alley walkway leading to the front door.  Replacing the mail box situated prominently in the front and adding colorful flowers in pots at the entry, would have been a nice investment prior to putting this little home on the market.

Adding some plants with color would have been a nice addition to this very beige home.  Not only would it help to "beautify" the yard, but the underlying reason for landscaping a home is to create a smooth transition from the outdoors to the indoors. When done right, the transition is beautiful and adds to the curb appeal of a home. Done wrong, it is unappealling at best.


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