Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Slipcovering, Rug and a Little Paint, Brighten A Room

If a room is uncomfortable, cold, and unwelcoming, chances are buyers will not see how they could live in a home.  The appeal on prospective buyers who notice the hard, dark flooring and drab, worn, dated sofa, are a turn-off and drastically diminish marketing efforts of depicting a cozy environment.  The dingy, dumpy upholsted sofa and accessories lack light, which one is the most essential elements in the décor and feeling of a house.  The absence of greenery, texture and a bleak color palette makes the room appear flat, lacking texture, balance, harmony and life.

Sylvie's after photo shows added warmth and life in this room, with the use of a soft colored rug, a light slipcovered sofa, a coat of paint, and a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, that radiate a comfortable yet classic touch. The transitional room has an elegant, enduring design, one of the simplest and most effective means of creating mass appeal with buyers. The continual weave of texture in the room, soft against hard, matte against glossy, rough against smooth, shining glass, light furnishings and vases with flowers were all used to provide emotional warmth and the intangible feelings of home, making this room have greater marketing appeal.

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