Monday, September 28, 2009

Eco Friendly Wall Decor

Inhabit Wall Flats. Embossed Wall Tiles. Interior Design Magazine’s Eco-Friendly Product of the Year. Simple, modern, versatile!

Wall flats are made from 100% recyclable bamboo pulp — which means they’re totally environment friendly and have no chemical additives.

The possibilities to redecorating are many — they could be used to cover up a not-so-great wall, give a new look and feel to an existing one or just rev up the ambiance of the rooms to ultra modern and chic.

Inhabit Grass In Dews Wall Slats bring natural beauty indoors. Combining the sleek, straight lines of modern design with the warmth and individuality of an intriguing print, the Inhabit Triptic Slats Hanging Panels are an example of what happens when two design styles fuse together.

Pattern master Inhabit creates Propeller In Sunshine graphic Slats that can be either hung directly on the wall or create soft-barriers in large spaces that brings you another alternative for introducing large panels of art to your space. Slats are for use directly on the wall or to create soft barriers within large spaces.

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