Monday, September 28, 2009

Eco Friendly Wall Decor

Inhabit Wall Flats. Embossed Wall Tiles. Interior Design Magazine’s Eco-Friendly Product of the Year. Simple, modern, versatile!

Wall flats are made from 100% recyclable bamboo pulp — which means they’re totally environment friendly and have no chemical additives.

The possibilities to redecorating are many — they could be used to cover up a not-so-great wall, give a new look and feel to an existing one or just rev up the ambiance of the rooms to ultra modern and chic.

Inhabit Grass In Dews Wall Slats bring natural beauty indoors. Combining the sleek, straight lines of modern design with the warmth and individuality of an intriguing print, the Inhabit Triptic Slats Hanging Panels are an example of what happens when two design styles fuse together.

Pattern master Inhabit creates Propeller In Sunshine graphic Slats that can be either hung directly on the wall or create soft-barriers in large spaces that brings you another alternative for introducing large panels of art to your space. Slats are for use directly on the wall or to create soft barriers within large spaces.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Affordable Wall Treatment

Emerging from the experimental sphere of the Southern California art scene, blik wall decals are the newest trend for people “who like to change their mind.” Because these self-adhesive wall graphics are easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove, it is simple to transform your room on a whim.

Organic Wall Graphic by Blik Surface Graphics

Graphics can be affixed to any flat surface, including walls, windows, tables, and mirrors and are easily removed. This item is on clearance, limited quantities and colors available.  Better living by design at Find great accessories and gifts from Alessi, Angela Adams, Blomus, and more!

Accents For Outdated Home

If you are looking for a way to accent your outdated home?  Designer Thomas Paul is covering every aspect of the home from silk pillows, tabletop, stationery, and lamp shades and now lovely modern area rugs.  The Blossom Collection is shown below

From Zinnia Collection the design in Grass and Cream is a gorgeous graphic reinterpretation of nature's organic forms, available in several style configurations and colorways.

Hand-made in India, Thomas Paul rugs are constructed of high quality, long-lasting New Zealand Wool.

Thomas Paul's parasols design is a modern take on the 1960's in Aqua and Green with innovative use of color ways and vintage themes revisited for the sake and art of modern living. And at a terrific price point, on the most modern design Area Rugs to accent your home.  Looking for a way to accent your outdated home? Burke Decor offers the most modern design Area Rugs to accent your home.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inhabit Living Items On Sale

I love these eco friendly designs from Inhabit has been featured in the pages of InStyle Magazine, Dwell Magazine. The New York Times and Interior Design Magazine.

The possibilities are endless with sophisticated style, luxury fabrics, understated design; what more could you want?  Snag a deal on Inhabit products is Inhabit clearancing out our over stock, one-off designs and discontinued merchandise.
Pick up Axis In Grass Pillows made from 100% sustainable recycled polyester. Handprinted and handmade in the USA with environmentally-friendly to layer over bedding

Add a Fade to White in Green and White Builtby lamp in moss to set on the nightstand.  Temporary price reduction on this Builtby lamp style. This is a minimum 20% savings off full retail and only available in limited quantities

Inhabit brings you another alternative for introducing large panels of art to your space. Slats are for use directly on the wall or to create soft barriers within large spaces.

Putting these and textured Madera In Moss Bedding together is the perfect way to give your bedroom a quick makeover.  You can grab them for a limited time at a substantial discount. Availability varies daily and these items are offered in limited quantities. The sooner you go check it out the more you will have to choose from. Inhabit Living items ON SALE and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.00 at

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chic Tabletoppings, Bold Prints and Organic Form Printed Towels

Today is one of those wonderfully delicious rainy days, of which we don't get many in Colorado where you snuggle up and get cozy with a hot cup of tea.  I was inspired to share these wonderful tabletop designs finds from Chiliwich they chic and playful, providing yet another modern alternative to tabletop dressing.

Their fun contemporary style has been popping up all over the place, Inc., Real Simple, BonApetit just to name a few. 

The New York based designer Sandy Chilewich has reinterpreted underutilized and overlooked manufacturing practices and has gone on to produce designs marked by ingenuity and elegance.

The Spun tabletop is named for its web-like look, creative finished product made from liquid vinyl  poured through tiny holes onto a moving belt and then heat set.

A Warholesque print to brighten any room. This great piece from Art Farmer comes in a fresh, cheery color scheme. A great piece for a kids room, a fun living room, or a fresh way to accent a kitchen or bathroom with a great bit of retro flavor.

I love this portrait of an owl on a dramatic red background matched with a bold black and white silhouette of a baird in a tree.  These pillows are double-sided so you can mix and match or turn around as you change moods.  All of the pillows in the FSJ collection are hand sewn and hand printed .

From Simrin's Nature collection, these simple prints mimic nature's most artful forms. Inspired by vintage fabrics, organic forms in nature the standout prints come in complimentary colors for mixing and matching.  Redesign your home on a dime.  Redesign your home on a dime. Redesign your home on a dime. Right now save on all Home Accents from Burke Decor.  And Free Shipping over $50. 


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Slipcovering, Rug and a Little Paint, Brighten A Room

If a room is uncomfortable, cold, and unwelcoming, chances are buyers will not see how they could live in a home.  The appeal on prospective buyers who notice the hard, dark flooring and drab, worn, dated sofa, are a turn-off and drastically diminish marketing efforts of depicting a cozy environment.  The dingy, dumpy upholsted sofa and accessories lack light, which one is the most essential elements in the d├ęcor and feeling of a house.  The absence of greenery, texture and a bleak color palette makes the room appear flat, lacking texture, balance, harmony and life.

Sylvie's after photo shows added warmth and life in this room, with the use of a soft colored rug, a light slipcovered sofa, a coat of paint, and a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, that radiate a comfortable yet classic touch. The transitional room has an elegant, enduring design, one of the simplest and most effective means of creating mass appeal with buyers. The continual weave of texture in the room, soft against hard, matte against glossy, rough against smooth, shining glass, light furnishings and vases with flowers were all used to provide emotional warmth and the intangible feelings of home, making this room have greater marketing appeal.

Tweet For Table Contest

Every now and then we have to do something that is just a little bit differnt than what we are used to seeing. So, here it is! Lucky for me (and you) I was furtunate enough to receive a tweet from Wes Kennedy the Group Art Director for Home Accents Today. Thanks Wes! Enter to win by clicking the link below.

John Strauss Furniture Design is having a tweet contest during the High Point, North Carolina Market Oct. 17-22, 2009. You do not need to be present to win. You can pick up your table from them on Thursday at the end of the day - or if you want us to ship the give away table we can do that at no additional charge to a North America address.

If you would like to become a friend/follower on Twitter in order to see the occasional tweet about what I am up to in the world staging, marketing and much more, please click on this link. It's up to you, see you soon!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hiding Ugly Window Wells

We have all seen them, basements boasting imposing, ugly, harsh, boring, metal or concrete window wells, peeking through our windows and into our beloved basements. Cover the window with window coverings and we rid our basements of the much coveted light that our buyers cherish and wind up with a dark and dreary space. Leave the window uncovered and we see naked metal or concrete scarring what could otherwise be an attractive wall.

Since a finished basement is an extension of the living space it only stands to reason that we should treat it as such. If the window frame is in good condition and the view to the exterior is pleasant, we should let the window act as a frame to what is outside. So, what is a seller to do, with a view to an ugly window well? Hide it!

Windowell Expressions has been hiding ugly foundations, skirting on mobile and modular homes, weathered retaining walls, and using their decorative stone look material on bars, wine cellers, and on walls to camouflage the ugly and now sell window well liners in various stone finishes that turn drab window wells into a pleasant lifelike view of natural stone.  This is one of those products that may help your home stand out from the competition.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Organizing the Garage

Friday has arrived with thoughts of the weekend, milder temperatures, and my to-do list of organizing my garage.  My garage appears to be a dumping ground of clutter from the accumulation of things that I did not want to take the time to put away over the summer. It is so packed that even my truck is afraid to spend the night inside. I have a pretty good idea of what people may be thinking when they drive by and take a peek inside. I’m not selling my home but I should remember that an organized garage suggests that the entire house has been well maintained. An organized garage increases the value -- not a lot -- but it does help.  I found this photo from Gladiator Garage Works and it's a great example that illustrates clutter in the garage undermines our marketing efforts when it comes time to sell.

Some of us might not have the budget to invest in an organizing system but we can take a day to empty the garage, sweep, clean, perhaps paint the walls, remove stains from the floor, get everything sorted out and put back neatly in place. I know that's what I’m going to and when I’m done, I’m going to grab a cool one, get comfortable and finish reading Twitter Power.

Twitter is at the leading edge of the social media movement, allowing members to connect with one another in real time via short text messages–called "tweets"–that can be received either via the Twitter site or by e-mail, instant messenger, or cell phone. Businesses both small and large are using the power of Twitter to reach their reach consumers directly, build their brand, and increase sales.

I recently had the privilege of working with a long standing Realtor client, Nicki Thompson, to work out some design challenges with one of her clients. The home that I visited was a charming patio home built by Remington Homes located in Arvada.

In the report I had suggested removing family photos, decorating the cluttered end tables, packing greeting cards that were displayed in the built in entertainment center and clearing all window ledges that were lined with collectibles. The office (just behind in the photo) had posed another challenge as files, paper, technology, cables, data and other office accessories were unsightly. Tangled cables and equipment were causing visual confusion and untidiness and the equipment was arranged with the ugly backs facing outward toward the living room. Posted on the walls were mail, statements, bills, files, calendars, coupons and advertising. The bookshelves were jammed, messy and in disarray.  What a pleasant surprise when I peeked at the online marketing to see that the seller had taken my advise.

I love to work with Robin Cunningham, another Realtor who is a long standing client and provides staging consultations for her clients that are selling their homes. This particular home located at 10291 Rifle St, Commerce City, CO., was a delight. Between, myself, Robin and the motivated sellers, we really had a great time. The home was already clean as a whistle, uncluttered and boasted wonderful lifestyle benefits for buyers to enjoy. So we just did a little tweaking, and when I say a little that’s all the sellers really had to do, the above photo is what I found after another round of online espionage.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stainless Appliances On A Dime

Stastistics show that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house when it comes time sell.  Often times there are scratches, dents, dings on appliances that need to be repaired prior to putting the house up for sale.  Here is a quick fix for sellers with beer pocket books trying to keep up with the buyers champagne tastes.
I love this company.  Frigo Design Panel & Trim Kits are the only easy and affordable way to add color to any new appliance & color-coordinate appliances to match any kitchen decor. Each and every Frigo Design One Piece Frame & Panel Set is custom built to fit virtually any make, model, and year refrigerator, dishwasher, compactor, or freezer. 
I don't know about you, but my arms aren't long enough to see what I'm doing, needless to say my eye makeup could be all over the place and I don't even know it.  This magnifying mirrior is held in place with a magnet, a dream come true for us visually impaired which I found on Yanko Design, not to mention a wonderful update for  the baby boomer target market and it takes up zero space in the bathroom.  Why didn't someone think of this sooner?  Love it!
One of things that I find most lacking in homes that I am consulting on in preparing for marketing photos is artwork.  When I do find artwork in a clients home it is typically to small for the space that it is being viewed.  Why?  Well, I guess it's all about budget, large artwork sells for more money then smaller artwork.  I found this piece entitled "Warm Glowing Sunsent" Abstract landscape painting, measuring a
Large 36"x24", Mixed media oil and acrylics, gallery wrapped canvas, ready to hang for only $44.99 at Etsy!  What a deal

Signed on back by artist.

Fall Curb Appeal Color

I know I might be rushing things abit, I just can't help it I love fall, the rich palette of colors from full-bodied merlots and vineyard greens to plum purples and berry reds. Do you think I associate the season with food? With cooler weather, a changing solstice and autumn on the way, curb appeal at our front entry may start to wither, leaving us with no color to welcome buyers and guests.

Who says you have to carve them, paint the house numbers if you don't like getting your hands messy.
Arrange Ajuga 'Black Scallop', black pansies (cold tolerant) , ebony Colocasia, or orange mum or violas, add curly willow,  and cobwebby Spanish moss from a craft store to complete the look.
Using the bounty of the season Sunset gives us a cheerful, welcoming and practical solution for a burst of color and visual interest, that is sure to delight visitors.

Dining Room Fast Fix

For home sellers that have outdated chandelier lighting, elevating the appeal of the online marketing is crucial. Updating from traditional brass lighting to brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze or a contemporary/transitional style of lighting and tying the look together by complementing the walls with modern artwork is a fast and affordable fix.

Something as simple as changing a traditional dry floral centerpiece to a more contemporary or transitional arrangement ties in the look of a modern or transitional chandelier, with traditional decor and gives the room a new updated style.

Updating light fixtures is a quick, affordable way to refresh and update any dining room, kitchen or bathroom. Lamps Plus is currently offering 1/2 Price Days Sale, which Ends September 20th.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Small Bedroom Wonders

Some say that "good things come in small packages" and the 10x12 bedrooms that follow are no exception.  What wonderful examples, that you can still have a lovely, chic and restfull retreat  without having to sacrafice the design BANG.
Sexy, scrumptiously rich color with clean lines and simplisticity.
The warm and earthy neutral colors of sand and pebbles and the undemanding lack of pattern make a queit statement.
High ceilings give the feeling of spaciousness and the white palette gives an airy feel to this bright bedroom and the red backdrop makes dramatic statement, making up for the usual headboard and footboard.  I found these little wonders in Home Design Find.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Paneled Dining Room Update

We have all been in homes before that boast dark, dated paneled walls that make the room appear heavy, dark, dreary and bleak.  Dated homes do not help sell a home, they hurt the chances of getting showings and finding your home appealing.  What's a homeseller to do to get the space market ready, so it appealsto a broader range of buyers?
Aja Thomas made updates to her dining room with the color yellow, that feels bright, friendly and cheerful.  The chandalier was switched from a traditional and ornate chandalier to a drum shade chandelier, one of the biggest current trends we are seing in home lighting.  The energetic updates to this room make it more appealing and move in ready for potential buyers.