Friday, October 9, 2009

Updating Dull Doors

Knock Knock! Who’s there? ….

Alright, I’m not going to preach on staging by telling you that people buy on emotion, or that buyers like move in ready homes. I’m not even going to tell you that first impressions count when it comes time to sell.

Let’s assume that in the existing economy money is too tight to make the “ideal improvements” needed to sell a home. What’s a seller to do, in this case with the front door? Let me explain:

Remove the lock set and surface hardware. Leave the door hanging and protect the ground beneath with drop cloths. Otherwise, if the hinges are corroded or covered with paint, remove the door and either replace the hinges or soak them in paint stripper then polish.

If you have purchased a new lock set and the holes do not match the new lock set purchased, the old hole may show. You have to 'build back' wood into the off-center holes. One method is to use toothpicks and carpenter glue.

Check for cracks, other indentations or holes that will not match up to new hardware, and fill with vinyl spackling compound. Refinish the door by sanding or stripping any peeling paint and sand the entire surface. Apply a couple coats of primer, making sure it is compatible with both latex and oil-base topcoats. (This can be tinted to match the topcoat, for ease of coverage).

Remember when painting to brush in the direction of the door's wood grain. When working with a flat door, apply paint with a fine enamel roller, and then use a brush to stroke paint into the surface.

Make sure to use long, vertical strokes and brush toward the middle of the door. If you have a panel door, apply paint in this order: first to the panel moldings, then to the panels, the horizontal rails, and finally to the vertical stiles.

When paint is dry, dress up your front door with "jewelry"; new hardware, knocker and kick plate can update the look of an old door.

Flank the door with 5’ Cedar Spiral Trees as an ultimate expression of artistic horticulture. It will enhance a door, a porch, or a deck (and it’s perfect for both indoors and out), the gentle curves of the lush green leaves will be a to captivating welcome to guests.

This design depicts dolphins and garlands of flowers framed between barley twist columns.  How peaceful when guests come to visit when they hear the sound of water at your front door.

The easiest and prettiest way to add water to your front door is by adding a wall fountain. All that's needed is an electric power plumbing required. Easy to hang, no industrial fitting needed. Pump included.

Redesign your home on a dime with the lovely wall fountain or topiary.  Home Accents from Burke Decor.

Let us not forget the house numbers, or there won't be pizza at your palace.  House numbers along with doors become dated over time.  By updating your house numbers you add elegant style to the entry way.  Brass is out, stainless is in.  The House Numbers were designed by Ginger Finley and feature solid stainless steel.

What about the doorbell as long as we are fixing things.   This doorbell features a soft polymer resin button and anodized aluminum. It has incorporated LED illumination, a light source that consumes very low power and offers a much longer service life than any other light source. The easy-to-install De-Light Doorbell Button works with most existing and new doorbell systems and surface mounts without any visible screws. for contemporary lighting, modern fans, and home accessories.  You should see the great mailboxes, contemporary lighting in addition to the house numbers and doorbells.  This was just a sampling for some pretty cool updates.  Well, now we all have something to do this weekend.  Ciao!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Curb Appeal For A Raised Ranch

Well the flu hit home, but we are now all well and back in the saddle again.

It is time to put your house on the market. Now what do you do? As a Real Estate Agent or home seller, you have to better understand human nature, the "hot buttons" that make buyers respond in a given way to make your home irresistible.

You may or may not have heard me say it, so it goes without saying that I'm probably going to say it again, "people buy on emotion". Here is what buyers are saying in their heads when they view this house in the on line marketing.
"Could it get any more plain then this? Are those junipers, might be easy to take care of but they sure do date a house, not to mention that cat smell they give off, how much will it cost to remove them? Nice lawn, it's a bit boring, I wonder how much it will cost to landscape and put in some undulating flower beds along the drive, to encourage a friendly feeling. It's so ho hum, downright boring, I wonder how much time it will take me to paint the door and trim a contrasting color? I wish it had some pizzazz, style and personality. A nice covered entry would break up the flat appearance a little bit. If it looks like this on the outside what is it going to look like on the inside, forget it let's look at another house". Delete!


Here is a darling little gem of a home, mature trees will add shade in the summer, covered porch will protect you from the rain, the gravel was probaly added to cut down on water costs and would have been better put to use by addeing colorful flowers and shrubs to soften the hard lines of the bowling alley walkway leading to the front door.  Replacing the mail box situated prominently in the front and adding colorful flowers in pots at the entry, would have been a nice investment prior to putting this little home on the market.

Adding some plants with color would have been a nice addition to this very beige home.  Not only would it help to "beautify" the yard, but the underlying reason for landscaping a home is to create a smooth transition from the outdoors to the indoors. When done right, the transition is beautiful and adds to the curb appeal of a home. Done wrong, it is unappealling at best.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Door Mats That Add Welcome

Isn’t it wonderful when you visit some people’s homes and you feel instantly transported to a place of welcome and enjoyment, and when you leave you are inspired about how the home made you feel. 

Smooth river stones in neutral tones add natural beauty and functional appeal to a mat that can be used next to a door or beside a shower.  Save up to 70% on natural home décor, organic gifts, and more at VivaTerra.

By surrounding our homes with what is beautiful pays off when you are selling your home, because your guests the buyers who visit will be welcomed by a home that is filled with your intention of establishing beauty and style.

Taking its cue from the surrounding environment, this power-loomed collection can be used to create tranquil retreats for the home. Eco-Friendly Products

Almost everyone loves it when a person’s intention to please others is evident. Honing in on welcoming guests at your front door is a great way to bring welcome to your home and sets the tone for what lies ahead. Here are some great welcoming ways to put your best foot forward for how your home looks and making your guests feel welcome at the front door.

Made of 100% coir with rubber backing, can be monogrammed with 1-8 letters is available with or without a monogram.   It's monogram time! Free Monogramming on Select Items at Company Kids!

Your entrance is one of the first areas that will give your visitors a suitable impression of you and your home. One of the tasks that I recommend when providing a staging consultation to home sellers is to add a welcome mat should they not have one at the front door to add a welcoming touch when buyers are entering their home.

Stacks and Stacks show us the open design and metal construction of this beautiful Filigree front door mat crafted of rust-free recycled aluminum with a special all-weather paint finish, is a decorative door mat that is extremely durable - even in harsh weather and heavy foot traffic.

I make this recommendation depending on how ragged or dirty the mat is or if the mat is deeply stained or you can't see the picture or words. If the welcome mat has noticeable holes or tears in it then you would want to replace with something new. The front welcome mat is what people see first and a nice looking welcome mat that is gender neutral and not to fussy is what I usually tell people is acceptable.

Stacks and Stacks Bestsellers!The intricate scrollwork pattern puts art at your feet and adds a touch of design at the transition from outdoors to indoors. This rubber door mat is also low-maintenance because it won't collect animal hair or debris, and it will last a lifetime -- just brush or hose off to look like new! 

You could always put the old one in your basement if it’s unfinished, or in a shed or garage. You can also use it in a dog house if it’s soft, or clean it one time and use it as a knee pad when gardening. If it is a flat rubber mat you can put it under a cat litter box, or under a piece of something heavy in the attic. The possibilities are endless.

The pineapple has long been the symbol of friendship and hospitality and shows hospitality .
Stacks and Stacks

If your family gets particularly dirty feet you can make your welcome mat last longer by getting one of those shoe brushes shaped like animals, with bristles on their back. These will clean out mud, dirt, and snow from boots so it doesn't all have to be wiped onto the welcome mat.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Eco Friendly Wall Decor

Inhabit Wall Flats. Embossed Wall Tiles. Interior Design Magazine’s Eco-Friendly Product of the Year. Simple, modern, versatile!

Wall flats are made from 100% recyclable bamboo pulp — which means they’re totally environment friendly and have no chemical additives.

The possibilities to redecorating are many — they could be used to cover up a not-so-great wall, give a new look and feel to an existing one or just rev up the ambiance of the rooms to ultra modern and chic.

Inhabit Grass In Dews Wall Slats bring natural beauty indoors. Combining the sleek, straight lines of modern design with the warmth and individuality of an intriguing print, the Inhabit Triptic Slats Hanging Panels are an example of what happens when two design styles fuse together.

Pattern master Inhabit creates Propeller In Sunshine graphic Slats that can be either hung directly on the wall or create soft-barriers in large spaces that brings you another alternative for introducing large panels of art to your space. Slats are for use directly on the wall or to create soft barriers within large spaces.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Affordable Wall Treatment

Emerging from the experimental sphere of the Southern California art scene, blik wall decals are the newest trend for people “who like to change their mind.” Because these self-adhesive wall graphics are easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove, it is simple to transform your room on a whim.

Organic Wall Graphic by Blik Surface Graphics

Graphics can be affixed to any flat surface, including walls, windows, tables, and mirrors and are easily removed. This item is on clearance, limited quantities and colors available.  Better living by design at Find great accessories and gifts from Alessi, Angela Adams, Blomus, and more!

Accents For Outdated Home

If you are looking for a way to accent your outdated home?  Designer Thomas Paul is covering every aspect of the home from silk pillows, tabletop, stationery, and lamp shades and now lovely modern area rugs.  The Blossom Collection is shown below

From Zinnia Collection the design in Grass and Cream is a gorgeous graphic reinterpretation of nature's organic forms, available in several style configurations and colorways.

Hand-made in India, Thomas Paul rugs are constructed of high quality, long-lasting New Zealand Wool.

Thomas Paul's parasols design is a modern take on the 1960's in Aqua and Green with innovative use of color ways and vintage themes revisited for the sake and art of modern living. And at a terrific price point, on the most modern design Area Rugs to accent your home.  Looking for a way to accent your outdated home? Burke Decor offers the most modern design Area Rugs to accent your home.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inhabit Living Items On Sale

I love these eco friendly designs from Inhabit has been featured in the pages of InStyle Magazine, Dwell Magazine. The New York Times and Interior Design Magazine.

The possibilities are endless with sophisticated style, luxury fabrics, understated design; what more could you want?  Snag a deal on Inhabit products is Inhabit clearancing out our over stock, one-off designs and discontinued merchandise.
Pick up Axis In Grass Pillows made from 100% sustainable recycled polyester. Handprinted and handmade in the USA with environmentally-friendly to layer over bedding

Add a Fade to White in Green and White Builtby lamp in moss to set on the nightstand.  Temporary price reduction on this Builtby lamp style. This is a minimum 20% savings off full retail and only available in limited quantities

Inhabit brings you another alternative for introducing large panels of art to your space. Slats are for use directly on the wall or to create soft barriers within large spaces.

Putting these and textured Madera In Moss Bedding together is the perfect way to give your bedroom a quick makeover.  You can grab them for a limited time at a substantial discount. Availability varies daily and these items are offered in limited quantities. The sooner you go check it out the more you will have to choose from. Inhabit Living items ON SALE and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.00 at

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chic Tabletoppings, Bold Prints and Organic Form Printed Towels

Today is one of those wonderfully delicious rainy days, of which we don't get many in Colorado where you snuggle up and get cozy with a hot cup of tea.  I was inspired to share these wonderful tabletop designs finds from Chiliwich they chic and playful, providing yet another modern alternative to tabletop dressing.

Their fun contemporary style has been popping up all over the place, Inc., Real Simple, BonApetit just to name a few. 

The New York based designer Sandy Chilewich has reinterpreted underutilized and overlooked manufacturing practices and has gone on to produce designs marked by ingenuity and elegance.

The Spun tabletop is named for its web-like look, creative finished product made from liquid vinyl  poured through tiny holes onto a moving belt and then heat set.

A Warholesque print to brighten any room. This great piece from Art Farmer comes in a fresh, cheery color scheme. A great piece for a kids room, a fun living room, or a fresh way to accent a kitchen or bathroom with a great bit of retro flavor.

I love this portrait of an owl on a dramatic red background matched with a bold black and white silhouette of a baird in a tree.  These pillows are double-sided so you can mix and match or turn around as you change moods.  All of the pillows in the FSJ collection are hand sewn and hand printed .

From Simrin's Nature collection, these simple prints mimic nature's most artful forms. Inspired by vintage fabrics, organic forms in nature the standout prints come in complimentary colors for mixing and matching.  Redesign your home on a dime.  Redesign your home on a dime. Redesign your home on a dime. Right now save on all Home Accents from Burke Decor.  And Free Shipping over $50. 


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Slipcovering, Rug and a Little Paint, Brighten A Room

If a room is uncomfortable, cold, and unwelcoming, chances are buyers will not see how they could live in a home.  The appeal on prospective buyers who notice the hard, dark flooring and drab, worn, dated sofa, are a turn-off and drastically diminish marketing efforts of depicting a cozy environment.  The dingy, dumpy upholsted sofa and accessories lack light, which one is the most essential elements in the décor and feeling of a house.  The absence of greenery, texture and a bleak color palette makes the room appear flat, lacking texture, balance, harmony and life.

Sylvie's after photo shows added warmth and life in this room, with the use of a soft colored rug, a light slipcovered sofa, a coat of paint, and a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, that radiate a comfortable yet classic touch. The transitional room has an elegant, enduring design, one of the simplest and most effective means of creating mass appeal with buyers. The continual weave of texture in the room, soft against hard, matte against glossy, rough against smooth, shining glass, light furnishings and vases with flowers were all used to provide emotional warmth and the intangible feelings of home, making this room have greater marketing appeal.